September 2022

Geometrical Limits for UV-C Inactivation of Pathogens

Updates for 2022 IUVA Americas Conference

Impact of Bacterial Cell Aggregation on UV Inactivation Kinetics

Opportunities for Application of UV-B and UV-C Devices in Cannabis Grow Facilities

Top 5 Things to Know about Manufacturing.gov

Gigahertz-Optik Launches Radiometer with Centroid Wavelength Detection

sglux GmbH and Boston Electronics Announce Line of Detectors

IUVA Task Forces Advance Knowledge and Expertise

Intellego Launches Quick Check Dosimeter

August 2022

Team Develops UV-Based Filterless PPE

The Need for Consistent Germicidal UV Labeling

IUVA Young Professionals Podcast: Wavelength

UV-C and UVPCO for Efficient LED-Based Air Treatment Systems

US Department of Energy: Top 5 Water Reduction Tools

IUVA Conference: Advance Registration Pricing Ends Sept. 9

Senko Acquires CudoForm

Nedap Introduces UV Lamp Driver

July 2022

Fresh Air: UV Devices in a Post-COVID-19 World

UV Solutions Buyers Resource Guide Now Online

Novel UV-C Sensor Technology for Use in Air and Surface Disinfection Applications

UV Disinfection Applications for Drinking Water

Top Five Surprising ISO Standards

OSHA Offers Tips for Suicide Prevention

2022 IUVA Americas Conference Program Now Online

Register by Aug. 31: Humanitarian Water Engineering Intensive Course

PAMA Appoints New Board Member

Global Lighting Association, IUVA Form Alliance on UV Disinfection Technology

June 2022

Science Says UV Fights COVID-19 and Helps Save Lives. Why Are We Waiting?

POU Water Disinfection with SoLED

Deep Light Photonics Introduces High-Efficiency, Hg-Free UV-C Light Source

Study: UV Light Effective in Disinfecting N95 Respirators for Reuse

Rise in Some Positive Drug Tests for US Workers

IUVA Releases “Ultraviolet Technologies for Public Health”

Heraeus Noblelight Releases Air Purifier

UV-C LED Assembly Product Confirmation of Inactive COVID-19

Boston Electronics Announces Agreement with Hamamatsu

May 2022

Bringing Light to Irrigation Water Quality in Leafy Green Production

Far UV-C Germicidal Sources: Measurement Challenges and Solutions

Event: 2022 IUVA Research Innovation Symposium

Submission of Comments Regarding the Health of Canada Interim Order
of UV Emitting Devices

OSHA Launches Regional Emphasis Program on Workplace Noise

AMS Spectral UV Welcomes Kevin Joesel

Low Resource Settings Webinar Available On-Demand

April 2022

Wastewater Disinfection Facilities Solve System Challenges

2022 State of the Industry: UV-C LEDs and Their Applications

Treatment of Variables in the USEPA Guidance Manuals

Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between CUVA and IUVA

Top 5 Tips for Coexisting with Today’s Business Chaos

UV Resources Offers New Open-Style UV-C Luminary

Siltech Corporation Transitions to 24/7 Work Schedule

IES, IUVA Release American National Standard for Measuring UV LEDs

Registration Open for 2022 IUVA Research Innovation Symposium

IUVA Announces Biofilm Control Task Force

March 2022

Focus on Water: Water Treatment for Addressing Contaminants and Improved Sustainability

UV-C LED Technology Eliminates RNase A from COVID-19 rt-PCR Test Kits

Thanks for Getting Out the Good News about UV-C

IUVA Requests Abstracts for 2022 Conference

Manufacturing Trends for 2022

UV Lamp Consulting Welcomes New Expert

Heraeus Noblelight America Donates to American Red Cross

LUMINOR Environmental Inc. Named One of Canada’s Clean Technology Winners

Webinar on Demand: UV Applications in Low Resource Settings

Brenntag Specialties, BASF Expand Collaboration

February 2022

UVC Intensity, Time and Total Dose Germicidal Efficacy

Industry Influences from WEFTEC and the Infrastructure Bill

Q&A: Utilization of Germicidal UVC in Food Processing

To Buy or Not to Buy? Understanding and Choosing UV LEDs

UVC Tunnels Transporting Food within Processing Plants

IUVA Requests Abstracts for 2022 Conference

Wang Joins University of Manitoba

Steribin and Vioguard Announce Merger

January 2022

Top 5 UV Solutions Articles from 2021

Applying Lessons Learned in Water to Help Air and Surface Applications

Improving the Sustainability of UV Systems

IUVA Announces New President

Hasty Deployment of UV Disinfection on List of Health Technology Hazards of 2021

Webinar: UV Applications in Low Resource Settings

In Memoriam: Paul Ropic

Fulham Unveils Programmable Germicidal UV Ballast

De Nora Acquires UV Technologies Division from Calgon Carbon

December 2021

EPA Takes Aim at Purification Devices

Regulating UV-C Air and Surface Disinfection in Turkey

UV Extends Meat Shelf Life

Lessons Learned Using UV Technology in Water Reuse

UV LED Solutions to Prevent Pathogen Transmission in Food Services

Diaper Changing Table Named to TIME’s Best Inventions List

UV Consulting Group Welcomes New Member

IUVA Announces Sustainable Development Goals

Gigahertz-Optik’s PLCD Sensor/Amplifier Series

LUMINOR Named One of Canada’s Clean Technology Winners

Crystal IS Launches Klaran LA

LED iBond Applies for Patent

Catalan Companies Develop Autonomous Robot

September 2021

NIST Journal Adds Special Section on UV for Public Health

IUVA Awards Recognize Achievement in UV, Innovative Technology

Challenges and Strategies for Potable Water Reuse

What’s the Big Deal About ‘False or Misleading’ Labeling?

Examining UV Decon on FFRS: Important Factors to Consider

Kopp Glass Announces On-Demand, Technical Presentation

LightLab Introduces PureFize®

Webinar: Safety Considerations for Deployment of UV LED Solutions

Kentucky Awards Grant for UV Wastewater Efforts

July 2021

UV Extends Meat Shelf Life

UV Solutions Buyers Resource Guide Now Online

Overview of Safety and Efficacy of UV-C Devices for Inactivation of Coronavirus

Lessons Learned in Water and How They Can Help Air and Surface Applications

Reference Radiometers: Requirements and Applications

Association Releases Chinese Standard for UV-Based Advanced Oxidation Systems

Phoseon Technology Builds World’s Largest UV-C LED Disinfection System

AquiSense Awarded “Company Innovation of the Year”

Respiray Launches UV-C Wearable Air Purifier to Tackle COVID-19

April 2021

First UV/H2O2 AOP Systems for Municipal Drinking Water Treatment in China

UV Technologies in the Post-SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic World

IUVA Hosts Virtual 2021 World Congress

Evaluating UV Light Meters

UV Expert Consortium Enlarges Excimer Technology Field

Fulham’s Germicidal UV Line Expanded and Updated

ASHRAE Handbook Chapters on UV-C to Include Updated Best Practices, Guidance

IUVA Develops New Task Force Model

IUVA Presents Far UV-C Radiation: Current State of Knowledge

Lamp Express Introduces Measuring Device to Professional Market

December 2020

International Conference on UV Disinfection for Air and Surfaces

White Paper: SARS-CoV-2 UV Dose Response Behavior

Opportunities for Application of UV-B and UV-C Devices in Cannabis Grow Facilities

Clarke Prize Awarded to Dr. Karl Linden

UV Disinfection: Protecting People and Produce during the Pandemic

Lamp Express Introduces Measuring Device

AquiSense UV-C LED Product Range Fully Certified to NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Standard

Gigahertz-Optik Offers UV-C Radiometer Guide with Selector Guide

New Heraeus Study Confirms: UV-C Air Purifiers Destroy Viruses Immediately

Med-Tech Companies Partner to Provide UV Technology

April 2020

A Special Message from the Editor-in-Chief: Thank You, Heroes

UV-C and Coronavirus

New Website Dedicated to COVID-19 and UV Disinfection

IUVA Forms Task Force Focusing on COVID-19

UV for Personal Protective Equipment

Website Launches as UV LED Technology Reference

Advice for Selection and Operation of Equipment for UV Disinfection

Focus on Surface Disinfection when Fighting COVID-19

Fluence UV Dose Required Review (IUVA)

CDC on Disinfection and Sterilization

HAI Workshop: Papers and Presentations

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