Kopp Glass Announces an On-Demand, Technical Presentation

Kopp Glass, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has released a new, technical presentation highlighting two comparative cases that feature the use of common optic types to address challenges facing UV-C LED application adoption, including cost, efficiency and light distribution.

The presentation titled “UV Transmitting Glass Optics to Improve Light Output for UV-C LED Applications,” was presented recently to industry professionals at the 2021 IUVA World Congress by Michael Ulizio, new product engineer.

The comparative case studies demonstrate how molded, UV glass optics utilize available UV-C light from LEDs in the most efficient manner, resulting in increased irradiance/dose at longer working distances, reduced UV disinfection cycle times, improved disinfection area coverage and decreased LED count for area coverage and UV dose requirements.

For more information, visit www.koppglass.com.