LightLab introduces PureFize®

LightLab, Uppsala, Sweden, has developed a UVC generating technology called PureFize®. It is based on field emission in a nano environment.

The UVC light generated has a broad-spectrum character between 250-350 nm that peaks at 262 nm. The peak, in combination with the broad spectrum, has proved to generate unique properties for disinfection purposes. PureFize’s pre-assembled light sources can be added and configurated in different ways, depending on the application in question. The platform can be powered from solar-driven or battery-driven to fixed power (AC/DC).

Founded about 20 years ago, LightLab has a dedicated mission to innovate new technologies with sustainability in mind. With a patent portfolio covering more than 150 approved and pending patents, the company has, since 2015, focused on UV disinfection and the PureFize technology platform.

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