Respiray Launches UV-C Wearable Air Purifier to Tackle COVID-19

Technology company Respiray, Tallinn, Estonia, has launched a wearable device based on a patent-pending UV-C LED module that disinfects over 99% of inhalable air. The air purifier is based on the thermodynamics of breathing and the disinfection effect of ultraviolet light.

Because most of a person’s inhaled air comes from airflows that rise on their body’s surface, the product is strategically designed as a wearable device. Air first goes through the intake filter to remove dust and larger particles. The air then flows through the UV-C LED module, inactivating over 99% of viruses and bacteria. The air purifier provides a maximum purified airflow of 55 liters per minute, three to four times more than an average person at rest breathes.

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