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Quarter 2, 2019

Validation of a Reactor Containing UV LEDs for the Disinfection of Municipal Drinking Water
by Olivier Autin, lead research scientist, Typhon Treatment Systems and James R. Bolton, president, Bolton Photosciences

How to Address CSO Events with UV Technology
by Patrick Bollman, P.E., UV product specialist, Evoqua Water Technologies

UV-C LED Irradiation for the Inactivation of Biofilm-bound Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacteria
by Kyle D. Rauch, Stephanie Gora, Carolina Ontiveros and Graham Gagnon, Centre for Water Resource Studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada

What is Going On with the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance?
by Harold Wright, chief technologist-UV disinfection, Carollo Engineers

Why is There No Standard Unit Similar to Lighting Products for Radiant Output of UV Lamps?
by R.W. Stowe, UV applications engineering consultant, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Practical Information on Sizing and Design Approaches for UV AOP Systems
by Nathan Moore, Ph.D. candidate, University of Toronto; Erin Mackey, project manager and technical specialist, water and reuse, Brown and Caldwell, Inc. and Kati Bell, managing director of water strategy, Brown and Caldwell, Inc.

Critical Roles for Germicidal LEDs in Healthcare Delivery Facilities
by Peter Gordon, VP of business development, Bolb Corporation

Focus on Food and Beverage Safety: Ultraviolet Light Explores New Science for Food and Beverage
IUVA Food and Beverage Safety Working Group

Focus on Healthcare: Expanding Outreach to Other Organizations Interested in UV
IUVA Healthcare/UV Working Group

Operators Corner: Water Reuse Systems
Professor James P. Malley, Jr., Ph.D., UV Solutions editor-in-chief

Application Highlight: For Water Reuse, UV Solution Brings Consistent Results to City
Article provided courtesy of Enaqua, a Grundfos company

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Quarter 2, 2019

Summary: UV-C LED Device Spectrometer and Radiometer Protocol Round Robin Results
by Kari Sholtes, P.E., University of Colorado Boulder, Linden Research Group; Karl Linden, Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder, Linden Research Group

Protocol to Determine Radiant Power Output and Fluence in UV LED Systems
by Ataollah Kheyrandish, Madjid Mohseni and Fariborz Taghipour, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

UV Regulations: Wastewater and Reuse
by Harold Wright, Chief Technologist-UV Disinfection, Carollo Engineers; Andrew Salveson, Water Reuse Practice Director, Carollo Engineers; Bill Sotirakos, Principal UV Technologist, Carollo Engineers

Total UV Power from an Irradiance Measurement
by Stephen W. Jaworowicz, Process Engineer, Light Sources, Inc.

AOP for Surface Disinfection of Fresh Produce
by Mahdiyeh Hasani and Keith Warriner, Department of Food Science, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

From Promising Emerging Treatment to Commercialization
by Tatiana Koutchma, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Focus on Healthcare: Industry Goals: Examining the Latest Developments in Healthcare
IUVA Healthcare/UV Working Group

Focus on Food and Beverage Safety: Strawberry Fields For-UV-er
IUVA Food and Beverage Safety Working Group

Application Highlight: Triton X-100: Elimination Using Advanced UV Oxidation
by Dr.-Ing Martin Sörenson, CEO, enviolet Corp.; Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Weckenmann, Technical Director, enviolet Corp.; Dipl. Ing. Frank Zegenhagen, Senior R&D Manager, enviolet Corp.

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Quarter 1, 2019

UV Regulations: Water and Wastewater
by Harold Wright, Andrew Salveson and Bill Sotirakos, Carollo Engineers

UV LED System Design, Operation and Application for Water Treatment
by Fariborz Taghipour, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of British Columbia; Kumiko Oguma, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo

IUVA: Celebrating 20 Years of Advances in UV Technology – and Looking Ahead
by Professor James P. Malley, editor-in-chief, UV Solutions

Advanced Oxidation Radiation: Unlocking the Hidden Power of the Low-Pressure Mercury Lamp
by Laith Furatian, Ph.D., City of Kamloops, British Columbia

Achieving Successful Treatment of VOCs Using UV AOP
by Adam Festger, Business Development Manager, Trojan Technologies; Ted Mao, Chief Technology Officer, Trojan Technologies; Alan Royce, Senior Scientist, Trojan Technologies; Amy Ho, Administrator, City of Monterey Park; Kevin Alexander, Vice President, West Regional Manager, Hazen and Sawyer; David Hokanson, Principal, Trussell Technologies, Inc.

IUVA Celebrates Several Firsts at 2019 World Congress
UV Solutions

UV-C LED Systems: Land of Opportunity or Wild West?
by Oliver Lawal, CEO, AquiSense Technologies; Jennifer Pagan, Ph.D., CTO, AquiSense Technologies; Richard Simons, Ph.D., Product Development Specialist, AquiSense Technologies; Mitch Hansen, E-Marketing Specialist, AquiSense Technologies

Focus on Healthcare: Planning for a Healthy Future: Healthcare and UV Disinfection
IUVA Healthcare/UV Working Group

Focus on Food and Beverage Safety: Thwarting the Next Fresh Produce Outbreak with Germicidal UV Light
IUVA Food and Beverage Safety Working Group

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