Young Professionals News: 2023 Quarter 4

YPs Gather in Dubai

Hello, YP community! This column is the last one of the year, and it comes to a close with some exciting updates. The 2023 International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) World Congress was held successfully from September 10 to 13, 2023, at the InterContinental Dubai – Festival City in Dubai, U.A.E. During this congress, the IUVA Young Professionals (YP) organized and participated in two main activities: “Ask Me Anything” and “Trivia Night.”

The “Ask Me Anything” session took place on the evening of September 11, 2023. This engaging session featured a Q&A panel with distinguished guests, including Prof. Hadas Mamane from Tel Aviv University and Dr. Ted Mao, who serves as the chief technology officer at Evercloak. The event was moderated by Dr. Paul Onkundi Nyangaresi, the IUVA YP strategic growth coordinator, with the presence of Danmei Chen, the co-chair (internal) of the IUVA YP. During this session, young professionals had the invaluable opportunity to pose questions and seek career guidance from panelists and other esteemed experts, particularly within the UV field. Notable figures, such as Jennifer Osgood, the immediate past president of IUVA, and Prof. Ron Hofmann from the University of Toronto, who also serves as the IUVA co-VP Americas, enthusiastically shared their experiences and journeys within the UV field, offering the young professionals profound insights into the promising future that lies ahead.

It was a successful night for all of the active participants from the IUVA YP community and a great way to close the year. Follow IUVA Young Professionals on social media to receive all the updates for future fun YP activities.

Paper Spotlight for Q4 2023

YP attendees at the IUVA World Congress participated in the “Ask Me Anything” night. Picture by Dr. Paul Nyangaresi, IUVA YP Strategic Growth Coordinator.

Paper spotlights are short summaries highlighting very recent, intriguing peer-reviewed publications with a related subject to the topics of interest covered in the UV Solutions Q4 2023.

UV-Chlorine Advanced Oxidation for Potable Water Reuse: A Review of the Current State of the Art and Research Needs
Authors: E. Mackey, R. Hofmann, A. Festger, C. Vanyo, N. Moore, T. Chen, C. Wang, L. Taylor-Edmonds, S. A. Andrews. Published on 24 May 2023.
The combination of ultraviolet light and chlorine (UV-Cl) is becoming increasingly popular in potable reuse projects as an advanced oxidation process (AOP) following reverse osmosis (RO). Mackey et al. (2023) recently published a guidance manual for UV-Chlorine application in potable re-use (Water Research Foundation Project #5050 “UV-Chlorine AOP in Potable Reuse: A Guidance Manual to Assessment and Implementation”). The authors outline the current state of UV-Cl in water reuse and outline best practices concerning monitoring and operations. Further, they highlight research needs in the field, including:

  • understanding the details of photochemistry in UV-Cl, which currently relies primarily on empirical relationships,
  • modelling the impact of chloramines on UV-Cl under conditions (e.g., pH, temperature) anticipated in UV-Cl water reuse applications,
  • methods for evaluating UV-AOP reactor performance for disinfection and determining the role of oxidation in disinfection,
  • understanding the role of reactive chlorine species and their scavenging capacity in water matrices,
  • identification of byproducts and transformation products and their toxicity, and
  • establishment of regulatory requirements for UV-Cl-based treatment in water reuse.

Most importantly, the paper emphasizes the need for ongoing dialogue surrounding UV-Cl as it becomes a more widespread treatment technology in water reuse.

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