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IUVA Reschedules Events for 2021

IUVA is busy planning several events for the next few months, working to finalize the conference program and exhibits for the rescheduled International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications (ICULTA) 2021, now taking place April 18-21, 2021, in Berlin, Germany.

Additionally, the IUVA World Congress, will take place on May 16-19, 2021, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please pay attention to your email, as we will send out the Call for Abstracts for the World Congress this fall, along with information on available sponsorships and exhibits.

Several webinars are in the works for the remainder of 2020, along with a virtual conference on UV for air and surface disinfection applications.

For additional information, contact Mickey Fortune, mfortune@iuva.org.

Don’t Miss the Annual WateReuse Symposium

watereuse-symposium-bannerLearn about the latest developments in water recycling at the 35th Annual WateReuse Virtual Symposium, launching online Sept. 14-16, 2020, using a virtual platform that provides a fully interactive experience and access to over 100 hours of technical content and professional development from the convenience of your own office.

The Annual WateReuse Symposium’s comprehensive program includes sessions on the latest trends in potable reuse, decentralized systems, workforce development and finance, with spotlight sessions on the latest research on science and technology, as well as developments related to federal and state policy.

Take advantage of the group discount and the lack of travel expenses to provide professional development to your core team, as well as staff who may be new to water reuse, and save on professional development costs. Register today at www.watereuse.org.

Update on IUVA Task Force for UV LED Water Disinfection Systems

An IUVA task force has been formed to formulate guidelines regarding UV LED water disinfection systems. The goal of this initiative is to enable better clarity on measuring system performance across the global UV LED water disinfection system market.

The UV LED task force is spearheading this initiative and is developing guidelines with input from relevant stakeholders, including academic subject matter experts and researchers, UV LED water treatment equipment manufacturers, manufacturers with research and development efforts in UV LED water treatment, UV LED device manufacturers, and validation and regulatory experts across the world. The task force proposal has been recently approved by the IUVA Board of Directors, and the members have been meeting since February 2020.

The first step in determining the scope of the guidelines is complete, with a consensus that the document to be created would be a guideline or protocol for best practices in the measurement of system performance but not a regulation or approval of disinfection treatment systems. The document would be global in scope and based on disinfection science but would not be prescriptive. Decisions on system design would be left to the individual geographical regions and markets. The guidelines will be created for disinfection systems rather than for UV-C LED light sources, but the relevant properties of UV-C LEDs that affect the system performance will be considered. Other factors that affect system performance also will be considered, including system validation, system monitoring and system cleaning.

The next stage in the task force’s activities is discussion of the properties that affect the measurement of system performance, and consideration of guidelines, protocols and regulations that exist in the UV disinfection field.

Contact Gordon Knight, dg.knight2018@gmail.com, or Natalie Hull, hull.305@osu.edu, for more information.

Updates from the IUVA YP Committee

Since the last quarter, we have established and added new members to our IUVA YP UV Solutions Task Force.

The YP Committee would like to welcome Milad Raeiszadeh (Acuva Technologies) and Yousra Ahmed (Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering) who join Kyle Rauch (Dalhousie University) to generate content for the UV Solutions YP Column.

The YP Committee also would like to thank all the YPs who sent in applications in response to the call for volunteers. We are excited by the enthusiasm of the YPs in our community and for the future of the committee as we get set to transition our members later this year.

The YP-led podcast, Wavelength, has been a great success so far. The next episode was released in August 2020. All current episodes are on the IUVA website.

YP Spotlights

Nikhil Sangwan is a scientific specialist (hydraulics and hydrology) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His collaboration with Prof. Ernest R. Blatchley (Purdue University) and Prof. Yousra H. Ahmed (Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering) involves the application of computational fluid dynamics to UV disinfection systems. Their latest work focused on the scaling of UV photoreactors using dimensional analysis was presented at the 2020 IUVA Americas Conference.

David Shoults spent the last decade at the University of Alberta. It was there, with Dr. Nicholas Ashbolt, that he investigated the application of UV LEDs as greywater treatment and the use of novel microbial surrogates. His work revealed challenges that may be faced in a semi-circulating water matrix, including the enrichment of UV-resistant organisms.

The YP Committee exists to increase interest and involvement in the IUVA and UV industry among young professionals (YPs), defined as students and professionals less than 35 years old or with less than five years’ experience post-graduation in UV-related industry, government or academia. If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to get more involved, feel free to contact us via social media (@IUVAYP) or email (iuvayp@iuva.org).