Fulham Unveils Programmable Germicidal UV Ballast

Fulham, Hawthorne, California, has expanded its ballast line with the launch of the programmable SunHorse® SHS15P model and corresponding display unit. The company has previously developed and produced SunHorse® Germicidal ballasts for UV lighting fixtures.

The new SHS15P is a 310 W/260 W ballast with standard default output current of 800 mA. It is field or factory programmable from 800 mA to 1200 mA (310 W max at 800 mA to 1050 mA; 260 W max at 1060 mA to 1200 mA) one- or two-lamp operation, has ballast and lamp operation indicator output and a remote on/off port connection that turns output on/off without removing input power to the ballast. It also has I2C RJ12 port connection for future I2C communication or the addition of future sensors and accessories.

The programmable ballast is compatible with the new SHS-DISP display or with the legacy Fulham SmartSet handheld programmer.

For more information, visit www.fulham.com.