IUVA Presents Far UV-C Radiation: Current State of Knowledge

The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), Chevy Chase, Maryland, has announced that it will present “Far UV-C Radiation: Current State of Knowledge” on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, from 10 a.m.-noon EDT. The session includes:

Introduction and Overview of the UV Spectrum, Far UV-C and Far UV-C Sources
Professor Ernest R. Blatchley III, Purdue University

Disinfection by UV-C/Far UV-C Radiation
Professor Karl Linden, University of Colorado at Boulder

  • How Far UV-C Works – Disinfection Mechanisms
  • How Much Far-UV-C Is Required – Inactivation Studies
  • Surrogates for UV Inactivation of Respiratory Viruses

Safety Aspects of Human Exposure to Far UV-C Radiation
Dr. David Sliney, Associate Faculty, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

  • Effect on Skin & Eye
  • Exposure Limit Guidelines
  • Risks for Sensitive Individuals for Exposure to Far UV-C Radiation

Ozone Generation by Far UV-C Lamps
Dr. Holger Claus, Ushio America

  • Ozone Exposure Limits
  • Reactions Responsible for Ozone Formation and Decay from Far UV-C Sources
  • Ozone Generation Measurements
  • Ozone Generation in Applications

Panel Discussion – 11 a.m.-noon
Expert panel for Q&A discussion featuring members of the IUVA Far UV-C Task Force

Sessions will be recorded and available for viewing after the event for registered attendees.

To register, visit https://iuva.org/Far-UV-C-Radiation-Current-State-of-Knowledge. For more information, visit www.iuva.org.