2023 IUVA Scholarship Winners

Press release submitted on behalf of International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA)

Loris Busch, Center of Experimental and Applied Cutaneous Physiology, Charité—Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Loris is a PhD student in the field of skin physiology and pharmaceutical technology. His PhD thesis combines the fields of pharmacy and medicine with aspects of chemistry, physics and biology. He is currently working on the application of UVA LEDs for targeted drug release from nanocarriers for the disinfection of hair follicles. His approach combines the use of far-UVC LED systems which are used for skin surface disinfection, and his goal is to pave the way for improved surgical disinfection and wound antisepsis without provoking the development of multi-resistant pathogens.

Isobel DeMont, Centre for Water Resources Studies at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada
Isobel is a PhD student focusing on UV-LED-based advanced oxidation processes in drinking water treatment, specifically UV-LED/Chlorine. Isobel’s goal is to assist drinking water utilities experiencing challenges due to emerging climate-driven pollutants, such as taste and odor compounds and cyanotoxins. Further, Isobel is passionate about sustainability in engineering and hopes her work with UV-LEDs will help push the drinking water industry towards more energy efficient designs.
Daniel Ma, The Ohio State University 

Daniel Ma is currently a PhD candidate in Civil Engineering (expected May ’24) at The Ohio State University advised by Dr. Natalie Hull.  Daniel’s current research focuses on optimizing UV wavelengths to enhance disinfection and suppress bacterial DNA repair and developing alternative energy UV disinfection technology for off-grid applications. The goal of his research is to promote access to safe water for people living in rural and remote communities.


Each scholarship winner receives a $5,000 cash award, plus a travel stipend to join us at the IUVA 2023 World Congress.
Please join us to celebrate our award winners at the upcoming IUVA World Congress, September 10-13, 2023, InterContinental Dubai – Festival City in Dubai, U.A.E.  The event program is posted and registration is now open for the event.