AquiSense Awarded “Company Innovation of the Year”

AquiSense, Erlanger, Kentucky, was selected for the “Company Innovation of the Year” award by Northern Kentucky Magazine for its development on the PearlSurface. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the whole AquiSense team went into overdrive, and an idea was born to help hospitals in need of N95 masks.

A new device using UV light technology was developed to disinfect masks. PearlSurface is the size of a small microwave and can disinfect three masks at once in 15 minutes. In May 2020, PearlSurface was being shipped in the US, Japan, India and Europe. By August 2020, the device was approved as the only UV LED disinfection device available to use with its range of masks and respirators. AquiSense also is pursuing FDA approval.

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