LED iBond Applies for Patent

LED iBond International, Hørsholm, Denmark, along with its joint development company Baldr Light ApS, also headquartered in Hørsholm, and LED iBond’s development partner Solar-Tectic LLC, Croton-onHudson, New York, have applied for an international patent for a new lighting technology.

The new technology is based on LED iBond’s already patented light fixture technology platform. Baldr Light ApS’ new lighting technology will be capable of emitting so-called far-UVC light, i.e. ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength in the low end of the UV spectrum. Baldr Light’s emerging technology can potentially be implemented in a wide range of new types of disinfection applications in the future as it is believed that far-UVC is harmless to humans and animals if used according to scientific research.

Baldr Light ApS was established in the spring of 2021 as an R&D company, equally owned by LED iBond and Solar-Tectic LLC.

For more information, visit www.ledibond.com.