IUVA to Host June Workshop: Achieving Consensus on Applying GUV in Public Spaces

The Internation Ultraviolet Association has scheduled a workshop titled Achieving Consensus on Applying GUV in Public Spaces. The event is scheduled for June 6-8, 2023, at ASHRAE HQ in Atlanta, Georgia. Advance registration ends May 1.

The primary objective of the workshop is to engage a large cross-section of GUV stakeholders and gain their expert input to meet the workshop goal by collectively working with all participants to:

  • distill and prioritize output from Cincinnati into a set of primary issues;
  • transform the primary issues into solution-oriented achievable objectives; and
  • formulate actionable plans to achieve those objectives, complete with scopes of work, tentative schedules and resource requirements, and suggested action organizations for referral.

In-person space is limited so register as soon as possible to guarantee a spot. Virtual options are also available.

To learn more, visit https://iuva.org/2023-GUV-WS.