IUVA Forms Task Force Focusing on COVID-19

Under unprecedented circumstances of the current COVID-19 pandemic, within a few days an IUVA COVID-19 Task Force was formed with more than 30 UV experts and healthcare professionals around the world to help address questions related to COVID-19.

Dr. Ted Mao, president of MW Technologies. Inc., Ontario, Canada, will coordinate this task force, working with passionate and committed academics, technology providers, medical professionals, regulators and others to provide timely response and advice on UV applications based on best available science. Three priority topics were identified by the task force with a sub-group working on each topic. For those who would like to participate and contribute to any of these sub-groups, please contact therespective coordinators.

  • UV Dose Response (UVDR) of COVID-19 Virus Group
    Coordinator: Ted Mao, tedmao@outlook.com
    Goal: To provide an estimate of the UVDR range of COVID-19 virus based on best available science.
  • UV Surface Disinfection Validation Group
    Coordinator: Jim Malley, Jim.Malley@unh.edu
    Goal: To provide a recommendation on how to validate efficacy of UV surface disinfection.
  • N95 Mask Decontamination Process Protocol Group
    Coordinator: Troy Cowan, troy@visionbasedconsulting.us
    Goal: To provide a recommendation on N95 mask decontamination process protocol.

IUVA’s Young Professional (YP) group is actively engaged in the task force. The group not only helps and supports the overall task force and each sub-group but also can play a proactive role in driving science, application, education and communication of UV technologies for addressing both acute COVID-19 pandemic and long-term public health and environmental issues.

While in the midst of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, task force members are committed to applying scientific rigor and making an immediate impact on helping communities by using UV-based technologies properly.

With kindest regards and stay safe,
Ted Mao, Ph.D., P.Eng., IUVA COVID-19 Task Force coordinator