IUVA Hosts Virtual 2021 World Congress

The International Ultraviolet Association presents the 2021 IUVA World Congress, taking place online, June 7-8, 2021. As new challenges continue to arise in air and surface disinfection applications, fighting infectious diseases like COVID-19, drinking water, reuse water and wastewater treatment, air pollution, hospital infections, ballast water treatment and industrial effluents, new applications emerge for UV technologies.

The 2021 IUVA World Congress promises to bring together worldwide academic and industry participants involved in all aspects of UV. The focus of this conference is to present the latest and emerging advancements in technology and research addressing the environmental, health, and treatment process challenges of today, as well as to discuss the current trends in UV regulations and new applications.

For information on exhibit space or to register for the conference, visit www.iuva.org.