Open-Source Protocols Available for Review and Comment

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We are excited to share two new resources with the IUVA community. We invite you to comment and peer-review these open-source protocols. These protocols were developed to help standardize collimated beam experiments and improve accessibility for new researchers.

The Polychromatic Fluence Response Protocol is based on the Bolton and Linden (2003) low-pressure UV dose determination method with polychromatic UV radiation adjustments (Linden and Darby, 1997). The Photorepair Fluence Response Protocol is based on the Bohrerova and Linden (2007) photorepair fluence method for standardizing photorepair experiments. These protocols supplement the standardized protocols already established in existing literature and provide additional guidance for new scientists to conduct reproducible and standardized research.

Please check out the protocols at the links below or the QR codes provided. You may also request a PDF version from the authors by emailing Daniel at or Natalie at