The UV Consulting Group Welcomes New Member

The UV Consulting Group, Fort Myers, Florida, has added Jürgen Zechner as a new UV expert. Zechner is a specialist in all aspects of product compliance, material testing, validation, bioassay testing and certification of UVC systems. He worked for OFI, which has multiple locations in Austria, for many years testing the materials and the validation of UV systems.

Zechner’s contribution is to support the company’s customers from the phase of the product idea through to series production, while helping to meet all applicable product compliance and conformity requirements from the beginning of the product life cycle. He also advises on the regulatory framework in quality management and safety provisions for the use of UV technologies for water and air/surface applications.

His advice is particularly valuable in the area of drinking water disinfection, as the biodosimetric testing of UV disinfection devices is a prerequisite in many countries around the world.

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