New Heraeus Study Confirms: UV-C Air Purifiers Destroy Viruses Immediately

Heraeus Noblelight, Hanau, Germany, together with the hygiene institute biotec GmbH, proves the destruction of viruses in UV-C air purifiers. The biotec report shows the tested UV-C device eliminates 99.999% of the surrogate viruses.

“The result exceeds our own expectations and underlines the fact that Heraeus UV-C technology is an effective technology for combating the coronavirus Pandemic,” said Martin Ackermann, managing director of Heraeus Noblelight. In addition, no ozone could be detected during the independent qualification.

The test examined the inactivation of the RNA virus MS2 after it passed through the UV-C system at a high air flow rate of around 1,500 cubic meters per hour. These viruses are used as a surrogate for the coronavirus.

“The research project carried out shows a very high inactivation rate for the surrogate virus MS2. A reduction by 5 log levels could be demonstrated, which corresponds to an inactivation rate of 99.999%,” the biotec study concludes.

“The biotec study also confirms our simulations for installations of UV-C devices in buses,” said Ackermann. “There we proved an inactivation rate of 99.99% (log 4) of the viruses in the air within five to six minutes at an air volume flow of 2000 cubic meters per hour – this air flow corresponds to the ventilation system in a typical city bus.”

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