S-OneLP Embellishment System Boosts Revenue Opportunities

S-One Labels & Packaging, Sarasota, Florida, has announced the CatPak™ JetFx™ Solo 30” electron beam Digital Embellishment System. This solution is ideal for converters who want to protect surface printed ink from an HP Indigo press and are also interested in giving their packaging star power with a unique look and feel. Electron beam is the most advanced industry technology, providing high-demand finishing options for fast, clean, food-safe labels and packaging.

The CatPak™ JetFx™ Digital Embellishment System utilizes a high-resolution print bar from JetFx™ for such digital embellishments as spot varnish, micro-textures and cast and cure effects. JetFx™ electron beam inks, CatPak™ electron beam flood coatings and S-One LP flexible packaging films have all been validated for use with the CatPak™ System to complete the full flex-pack and label printing and finishing solution. The system lowers operating costs and decreases set-up time, which makes it possible for converters to increase production as well as revenue.

CatPak™ JetFx™ system highlights:

  • Personalized variable printing
  • Digital registration
  • Instantly cured high-performance indirect food-contact compliant ink
  • Speed: Up to 300 feet per minute
  • Automated maintenance and cleaning
  • Validated with CatPAk™ electron beam flood coatings and S-One LP flexible packaging films.
  • Capable of wet on wet digital embellishment.

For more information, visit www.sonelp.com/en/.