AquiSense Launches PearlAqua Deca 30C

AquiSense Technologies, Erlanger, Kentucky, a provider of UV-C LED water disinfection systems, has announced the release of its latest product, the PearlAqua Deca 30C. It offers effective treatment for larger point-of-use applications and for smaller point-of-entry applications. With a compact design and easy-to-install features, 30C is suitable for commercial and industrial water treatment, food and beverage processing, and residential use.

The PearlAqua Deca 30C uses advanced UV-C LED technology to provide over 99.99% pathogen reduction at 4 gpm (15 lpm). Housed in a small footprint case, it features either automatic on/off switching, or external triggering. Alarm outputs are configurable in addition to dynamic power control, which reduces overall energy consumption and extends lamp replacement intervals.

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