sglux GmbH and Boston Electronics Announce Line of Detectors

sglux GmbH and its partner, Boston Electronics Corp. (BEC), Brookline, Massachusetts, has announced a new line of UV SiC detectors for VUV (vacuum UV) and deep-UVC applications. The SG03 product line is tailored for a wide range of applications that demand UV detection down to wavelengths as low as 170 nm.

Using advanced SiC semiconductor processing, sglux has modified its process to create production-ready detectors operating all the way down into the VUV spectrum. Applications include use with VUV excimer lasers for curing and processing (172 nm), detection for new disinfecting systems (222 nm) and low-pressure Hg lamp monitoring used for TOC reduction and water purification (185 nm).

The SG03 product line extends sglux’s silicon carbide (SiC) UV detection capability, which includes a wide range of available detector sizes, packages, UV filters and supporting electronics. sglux products provided by Boston Electronics include photodiodes, amplified sensors, environmentally sealed probes and radiometers spanning the spectrum from VUV up to UVA and visible.

For more information, email or call 617.566.3821.