IUVA YP Committee Accepting Inquiries for Coordinator Roles

The IUVA Young Professionals (YP) committee is looking for new candidates to join the YP committee team in coordinator roles. YP candidates, students and professionals who are younger than 35 or with fewer than five years of experience post-graduation in UV-related industry, government or academia, can email their interest in these volunteer coordinator roles to iuvayp@iuva.org.

Conference Coordinator

  • Lead YP contribution to planning IUVA conferences and related events (e.g., coordinate YP group housing; organize YP forum; organize other proposed YP-led/-coordinated events, such as flash/e-poster sessions, happy hour meet-ups, etc.)
  • Identify non-IUVA conferences of potential relevance to IUVA YPs
  • Coordinate IUVA YP events at non-IUVA conferences

Communications and Engagement Coordinator

  • Maintains committee email, including responding to inquiries and contacting mailing list regarding upcoming events
  • Update website; generate and post content for social media presence in conjunction with the committee and Technical Communications Coordinator

Technical Communications Coordinator

  • Draft UV Solutions content related to IUVA in general and YPs specifically.
  • Chair UV Solutions Task Force

Strategic Growth Coordinator

  • Plan and execute strategic growth of IUVA YP community in Asia. Note, the focus of this role may change periodically as the IUVA YP Committee attempts to grow in different geographic regions or UV topic areas.
  • Strategic growth initiatives might include coordinating online “ask-me-anything” discussions, K-12 design competitions, events in conjunction with IUVA or non-IUVA conferences, etc.