UV Lamp Consulting Welcomes New Expert

UV Lamp Consulting, Fort Myers, Florida, has hired Dr. Peter Schwarz-Kiene as its newest UV expert. Schwarz-Kiene has 30 years of experience in the UV industry. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and has strong scientific, as well as hands-on experience, in the fields of UV lamp technologies, power electronics and UV applications.

The UV system design and its application require in-depth knowledge of its UV source. All major technical as well as commercial performance parameters strongly depend on its radiation source, and its well-matched integration. Further, the lamp power supply has a tremendous impact on final short- to long-term performance. The optical, electrical and thermal challenges of UV systems require highly interdisciplinary expertise. This extensive knowledge is mainly required during the product strategy and product development process, but not limited to this.

Schwarz-Kiene’s expertise covers the whole technical demand to manage and optimize the company’s product strategy, development and manufacturing process for all major UV plasma light sources.

For more information, visit www.uvlampconsulting.com.