Live Virtual Conference: Plastics in UV-C Sterilization

The current global COVID-19 pandemic has increased attention to sterilization and disinfection particularly with using UV-C emitting devices on many objects and spaces across multiple industries. From aerospace to healthcare to HVAC to water treatment, there is growing interest to disinfect rapidly and completely using these UV-C devices.

While UV-C light sources have proven very effective in achieving high levels of disinfection of surfaces, what is happening to the plastics that form many of these surfaces? To this end, the Society of Plastics Engineers, with help from the International Ultraviolet Association, organized a one-day, live virtual conference on Wednesday, March 23, to discuss UV-C sterilization and possible effects on plastics.

Industry experts from aerospace, healthcare and other industries described how UV-C disinfection is employed, others discussed how to test UV-C exposure of plastics, experts showed results of UV-C exposure on their polymers and experts shared how to stabilize polymers against this exposure.

Recorded presentations are available to all registrants of the SPE National Week of Coloring Plastics.

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