IUVA Research Innovation Symposium

Registration is open for the 2022 IUVA Research Innovation Symposium. This will be an in-person conference taking place at University of Colorado (Boulder, CO, USA) from May 23-25, 2022. TheĀ conference program is available online and we will continue to post updates to the conference website. This symposium has been organized to provide opportunities to explore new and emerging aspects of UV radiation and its applications. The conference will be conducted as a single-track event to promote engagement in presentations. In addition, the schedule for the event has been designed to facilitate social interactions and informal discussion. The individual sessions have been organized around theme areas, ranging from common applications (e.g., disinfection and AOPs), to health care, biomedical applications and new UV sources. Speakers with expertise in these areas have been invited to present new discoveries and information related to emerging applications. The list of invited speakers was developed to engage experts from a wide range of backgrounds, including speakers who represent areas of expertise that have not traditionally been represented by IUVA and its members. For more information, visit www.iuva.org/2022-RIS-Program.