Christian Schraft Joins Light Sources as Chief CEO

Light Sources Inc. announced Christian Schraft as the Company’s new chief executive officer. Schraft will assume Christian Sauska’s role in the Light Sources/LightTech organization to further growth and technological innovation.

Sauska stated “We are fortunate to have someone of Schraft’s caliber and experience join Light Sources and LightTech. He is a technology visionary with a proven track record of execution. His strong scientific background coupled with his knowledge of the lighting industry and acute business intelligence makes him a perfect candidate.”

Schraft, formally of Feilo-Sylvania joined the Light Sources and LightTech team as Chief CEO in October 2018.  He has over 15+ years of global leadership experience in the international lighting industry, serving in many high-ranking leadership roles within the German based Osram Group.

At the time of the announcement stated Schraft stated, “I am honored that Mr. Sauska has selected me to succeed him as CEO of Light Sources and LightTech, a role that he has held for the past 35 years. Mr. Sauska transformed LSI/LT from a startup company into a market leader within the specialty lighting industry. I look forward to continuing his legacy of success. Furthermore, I am thrilled to announce that Mr. Sauska will remain on with LSI/LT as company president. I know that having the council of an exceptional leader, role model and friend such as Christian Sauska will be the catalyst for future Light Sources and LightTech growth and success.”