IUVA Young Professionals Committee Names Executives and Coordinators

Recently, the IUVA Young Professionals (YP) Committee held elections, and newly elected executives and coordinators have been welcomed to the 2023 IUVA YP Committee.

Co-Chair (external): Milad Raeiszadeh, Acuva Technologies

Co-Chair (internal): Danmei Chen, University of Toronto

Strategic Growth Coordinator: Paul Onkundi Nyangaresi, University of British Columbia

Technical Communications Coordinator: Jaser Lara de Larrea, Dalhousie University

Technologies Conference Coordinator: Jesse Johnston, De Nora Water

Communications and Engagement Coordinator: Saurabh Rabade, Labsphere, Inc.

The IUVA YP Committee is recruiting new members to join the group. Anyone younger than 35 years of age or with fewer than five years of experience in the industry is eligible to join our group. Get in touch at iuvayp@iuva.org.

The UV Solutions YP Task Force also is recruiting members to join a group to participate in writing this column. If interested, contact Jaser Lara de Larrea, IUVA YP technical communications coordinator, at jaser.lara@dal.ca.