IUVA Task Forces Advance Knowledge and Expertise

To help better facilitate targeted and flexible IUVA member activities, the IUVA Board of Directors has developed a task force model, in lieu of the traditional committee structure. With IUVA’s broad membership of stakeholders, including manufacturers, consulting engineers, academics, regulators and end users, this structure enables the best possible deliverables and engage those with the background, experience and ability to contribute to new IUVA initiatives.

IUVA task forces are comprised of a broad cross-section of IUVA members with a specific interest and unique qualifications around a particular subject matter. With a goal to develop targeted initiatives to advance UV technology, this structure increases the outreach and visibility of directed IUVA activities. Current Task Force groups include the following:

  • Technology and Research of Air and Surface Treatment (TRAST) Task Force
  • UV for Biofilm Control Task Force
  • Industrial Water Task Force
  • Far UVC Radiation for Disinfection of Air and Surfaces
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals Task Force
  • Healthcare/HAI Working Group
  • Impact of UV-C on Material Degradation
  • UV-Solutions for Food and Beverage
  • UV LED
  • OH Scavenging Protocol
  • UV Measurement Underwater
  • Industrial Water Standards
  • Define the potential and mechanism of a UV precompetitive research consortium/research foundation
  • Canadian Regulation and UV-C Devices

For more information on these Task Force groups, visit www.iuva.org.