Integration Technology Develops Portable UVC Light to Sanitize Surfaces

A hand-held sanitizer using UV light to inactivate biomolecules and micro-organisms including Coronavirus Covid-19 has been developed by UV LED manufacturer Integration Technology Ltd., Oxfordshire, UK. A high-power portable UV-C rapid sanitizer, the compact, lightweight SubZero RS-170 is designed for use on all surfaces in applications posing a high risk of public cross-contamination. Target applications include ambulances, buses, aircraft and cruise ship cabins, train carriages and other public transport, and hospitals, schools, offices and hotel rooms. The 285 x 85 x 142 mm, 3kg air-cooled unit plugs into a standard electrical wall socket, offers rapid warm-up and cool-down, and comes with quick-change lamp cassette for reduced downtime on site. The RS-170 offers high output 1700W input power with a high intensity reflector system. For more information, visit